Beyond beaches and backpackers, spas and five star hotels is a Bali seldom revealed to the casual visitor.  Bali Daze tips the reader off the tourist trail as long term resident Cat Wheeler hurtles into the fascinating, complex and often bewildering adventure of putting down roots in Bali.




Essential reading for anyone visiting Ubud for more than 45 minutes.  Insightful, warm and very funny. 

-Robyn Flemming, International Consultant, Australia

Wheelers’ book is a must read for anyone planning to live or even holiday in Bali. 

-Jakarta Post

Comparing this book to Eat Pray Love is to compare a mirror (Gilbert’s book) with an ocean (Wheeler’s book).  Wheeler offers a resident’s glimpse into the rich and complex culture of contemporary Bali with humour, sympathy, and at times, bemusement.

-Dr Amanada Markham, Australia

A delicious read, like eating one chocolate after another. 

-Diana Darling, Writer, Bali

A collection of witty, whimsical insights into living in modern Bali.  I laughed out loud and you will too! 

-Anita Scheeres, Founder Ganesha Bookshop, Bali

This is a most insightful look into the daily life of an expat in Bali, and simultaneously a sensitive and informative description of Balinese culture.             

-Professor Hoyt Edge, Florida

I love love love this book!  Cat is such a beautiful writer and so very joyous.  I literally could not put it down. 

-Trisha Sertori, Journalist, Bali

I love this book. It’s engaging and enchanting and warm-hearted and clever and well-written, and I've learned a lot... in short, an all-round winner.

-Catriona Mitchell, Festival Consultant, Australia

Eat Pray Love skims the surface of life in Bali.  Wheeler’s book is the real deal.

-Steve Cran, Sustainability Specialist, Planet Earth

“I write guidebooks to Bali but this book tells the real story of what it's like to live on this island. Cat Wheeler is one of the best writers I know and her tales of living in the fabled town of Ubud are witty, insightful and always a fabulous read. Her story of living with Balinese pigs is a modern-day classic. 5 out of 5 stars; A Brilliant Bali Book.” 

-Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Lonely Planet Author, USA